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My mother, grandmother, grandfather, both great grandmothers, and several of my great uncles are all artists, just to name a few in my ancestral line of creative souls. You could say it's definitely in my blood. I have yet to come across an artist who, like myself, doesn't claim they can't remember a time when they weren't creating. I never know how a creation will end up, but that's the beautiful surprise of it all. Some of my favorite mediums are: watercolor, acrylic, marker, pen-and-ink, graphite, and colored pencil. I also adore collage work. 


My artistic venues have varied in the past, from designing cross-stitch books for Leisure Arts to illustrating the cover for, "The Army Ground Forces Band" CD. Currently, I paint as well as illustrate for greeting cards, giftware, tabletop, book illustration, textiles, 3D products, home decor, logo design. and a variety of other products. I am always looking to form exciting new relationships with companies who wish to license my designs. 


My goal and purpose is to pass on the joy, inspiration, and positive thoughts I put into each unique piece I create. I leave you with a few words that describe me and make my heart beat a happy little jingle:


Cats and dogs~ Equally

Friends and family~ Whole heartedly

Sleep~ Inconsistently 

Oversized furniture~ Largely

Walking~ Simply

Talking~ Complexly

Loving~ Fully

Coffee~ Strongly

Creating~ Passionately 


Wishing you all happiness!





Me at age 3.